Smart Cities are Connected Cities.

From the Internet of everything to the always connected and always on lifestyle - the growth of urban citizens using data-hungry devices is expanding at an exponential rate over the next 5 years.
The demand for data is accelerating the need for increased cellular infrastructure, in the form of Small Cell Wireless networks, strategically placed throughout populated urban and suburban centers.
Small Cells [micro cells and pico cells] are the technology of the future, allowing mobile network operators the ability to provide the required bandwidth – using technology with a much smaller footprint than the tall ‘macro’ cell towers familiar to most people.

Smart Governments are Informed Governments.

This rapid growth in demand for data has its downsides as well. Too often the push to ‘build now’ outruns the need for thoughtful and deliberate planning.
Municipal leaders are challenged with providing citizens expanded cellular connectivity, for the good of the community, while balancing the needs of public agencies and private landowners.
Now, in communities across the US, Small Cell technology is expanding, in some cases with little regard to site selection or aesthetics. Ugly or poorly sited Small Cell installations are leading to Not In My Front Yard ordinances and litigation, conjuring up the NIMBY fights that took place over the larger Macro cell towers in the 1990s.

Instead of unchecked, unplanned chaos - we offer a better way.

nepsa solutions’ KitstiK™ poles and integrated management services offer municipalities viable solutions:
Attractive, customizable solutions increase community acceptance and deployment
Custom design and fabrication services to meet historical requirements, when needed

Revenue-generating leases
Only one pole to stock - for heights between 25’-40’

Kitted solutions built to your specifications
Patent-pending Capcell™ design allows easy deployment and access to internal equipment

Fast installation = reduced deployment costs
Can be deployed quickly with small team and a standard truck

Increased connectivity for businesses, public safety, municipal operations and individual citizens
KitstiK™ is just the start. Combined with the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) technology, KitstiK’s™ possibilities grow exponentially
  • Energy Management
  • Security Systems and Law Enforcement
  • Entertainment

There is power in becoming a Smart City.

The growth of data usage, through access anywhere and everywhere to the Internet, has made a tremendous impact on citizens. Expanded access to information at incredible speeds, using in-phone apps and online websites, has increased our ability to make informed decisions - and that makes our urban citizens and our cities smarter:
Widespread access to medical and nutrition information can lead to healthier choices
A Smart City is a city where people feel safe. Increased public safety provided by interconnected CCTV cameras combined with lighting and environmental sensors have been shown to reduce crime and increase an overall sense of well-being.
Connecting to social networks can contribute to an overall greater sense of wellbeing
News - whether instant traffic updates for your local area or breaking news - helps us to better navigate and understand the world around us
Just like using your brain makes you smarter, there is a connection between the use of technology and an increase in cognitive function over time.†
By working to build and sustain the urban Small Cell, wireless infrastructure, nepsa solutions is ‘building the brain’ and making our cities smarter for future generations.

*SOURCE: FierceWireless

†SOURCE: Silicon Beat

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