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Smart Campuses are Connected Campuses.

The Internet of Things [IoT] is an idea that has been around since the late 1990s, but within the last few years the IoT has taken on a new sense of urgency and attention. At it’s simplest, the IoT allows us to embed computing devices into anything from household items and clothing to the tools we use and vehicles we drive.
Colleges and universities across the US are preparing themselves for the rise of the IoT, in conjunction with tremendous growth of mobile devices flooding campuses today. It’s not enough to create a ‘wired-only’ infrastructure. The demand for bandwidth and wireless access points in and around campuses is exploding.

Is wireless connectivity an important issue on college and university campuses?

According to a report in EdTEch, “...studies have shown that wireless Internet [access] is a prerequisite for a degree. Fully 90% [of students] believe Wi-Fi access is as essential to an education as a classroom or a computer.”
Plus... physical safety can be one of the most important issues to a campus community; safety may be the #1 reason a student may select a specific college or university.

Building your wireless infrastructure and a safer campus.

The incredible demand for data is accelerating the need for increased cellular infrastructure, in the form of Small Cell wireless sites, strategically placed throughout dense usage areas including stadiums, large outdoor public areas, near dorms and classroom buildings.
A variety of sensors, especially cameras, can now be completely integrated into Small Cell wireless sites, allowing for quicker response times to an incident, making campuses safer
Data from GPS-enabled devices can help to instantly identify locations and incidents, sending first responders to the right place

The IoT’s ability to track objects, students and staff - connecting devices across campuses – provides a new level of safety to institutions
Connected ID cards and wristbands allow institutions to ensure only the right people are accessing the right areas on campus

A nepsa solutions KitstiK™ is the foundation for your success.

Our KitstiK™ Small Cell solution is just the start. Combining our wireless infrastructure with technology for the rapidly expanding Internet of Things – the possibilities and your institutions opportunities are endless. The KitstiK can be outfitted with a growing range of public-safety and environmental technology:
ShotSpotter: often called “a fire alarm in an active shooter situation”, reducing time to act and potentially mitigating damage and saving lives
Video surveillance systems and much, much more…
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for traffic congestion, walking routes, smart parking

nepsa solutions is a better way.

After years of experience with ‘business as usual’ we’ve created a better way. nepsa solutions combines the expertise, technology, insight and financial strength necessary to meet the exploding demand for mobile data usage, with a suite of products and services purpose-built to meet the needs of mobile network operators and the communities they serve.

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