Yes, ‘nepsa' is aspen spelled backwards.

nepsa is about beauty and the power of communication.

The Aspen tree

Aspens are beautiful trees, with their snow-white trunks, shimmering leaves and yellow fall colors. Aspens almost always appear in groups - or groves - seldom if ever a solitary tree, as an Aspen grove is interconnected by its roots, sharing nutrients and resources to support each other. Underneath, an aspen’s roots can remain dormant for years, springing to life and re-generating as a community when the time is right.
One of the world’s largest and oldest organisms is an 80,000 year-old colony of quaking aspen, covering more than 100 acres in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest. While one aspen is beautiful - a grove of aspen is a spectacular sight to behold.

Network Communication

Hidden under our feet is an information superhighway - a different kind of network - that allows trees and plants to “communicate”. Its an information superhighway made of mushrooms - a fungal or mycorrhizal network - that allows plants and trees to communicate via electrical impulses and help each other in times of threat or crisis.
The drive to communicate and connect is, apparently, something every living being has or is capable of...
nepsa is working to make cities smarter - by connecting cities and citizens, municipalities and mobile network operators - with the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to integrate Small Cell wireless technology into our everyday lives in ways that are beneficial and non-disruptive.

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