Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is nepsa working to "Making Cities Smarter"?

A. nepsa is committed to Making Cities Smarter® in two distinct ways:

1. Smart Cities are connected cities - connecting people, sensors, ideas and data to make our urban areas more vibrant, dynamic and sustainable.

nepsa's KitstiK™ solution, deployed in urban and suburban areas, provide increased connectivity while also offering the aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive infrastructure desired by communities and citizens alike.

2. nepsa's goal is to inform and educate, by working directly with municipalities, to understand their needs, address their concerns and provide assistance in negotiating the highly complex landscape of the telecom industry.

Government officials are smart - and becoming smarter everyday. Our goal is to provide the information and services they need to make SMART and INFORMED decisions regard Small Cell wireless in their communities.

Q. I have no issues with cell service. Why are these locations needed?
A. The explosive demand for data created by smart phone applications requires concentrated coverage areas. This demand can only be met by placing service where it is needed.
Q. Where will the KitstiK™ be installed?
A. The KitstiK's aesthetically pleasing and unique design require no exposed boxes, cabinets or cables so it can be deployed in virtually any setting where additional capacity or coverage is needed.
Q. How does the installation method impact the permitting process?
A. The elegant pole design and simplified installation facilitate a process that is repeatable and enables a Master Plan Permitting Process.
Q. Will the KitstiK™ be unsightly and intrusive like other sites I’ve seen?
A. The KitstiK™ has an aesthetic appeal with no unsightly external boxes, cabinets or cables.
Q. What is Small Cell wireless?
A. Small Cells are fully featured, shorter range mobile phone base stations used to complement service from larger macrocell towers. Small Cells offer enhanced data coverage in areas where it is needed.
Q. Why is Small Cell wireless important?
A. The ever-increasing demand for mobile data is driving the need for Small Cell architecture. Small Cell sites supplement the macro cellular layer [the large towers] of commercial cellular coverage for today’s 4G networks and for eventual 5G deployments.
Q. What are some features of Small Cell wireless?
A. Small Cell wireless provides enhanced data capacity and capability in localized areas experiencing high demand due to density of population or nomadic people movement such as concerts, sporting events etc.
Q. What do Small Cells look like?
A. The look of Small Cell deployments varies widely because there are no set industry standards. KitstiK™ addresses this problem by providing a consistent, aesthetically pleasing look for every deployment.
Q. What other services and capabilities can be added to Small Cells?
Q. How does nepsa work with municipalities and wireless carriers?
A. nepsa was formed to bridge the gap between municipalities and mobile network operators; designed to meet the shared goals of aesthetics and expanded cell coverage.

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