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The logo is the most recognizable visual expression of a brand. It is vital that it is always applied consistently wherever it appears. The logo should be surrounded by ample space and kept clear of other elements. The logo should not be altered or violated in any way. DO NOT reverse the logo, change the colors or separate the logo and tagline lockup. It should be displayed clearly and in a prominent locations, independent of other elements. Use the logo files provided to ensure that the logo is displayed in correct form.



nepsa solutions and KitstiK™ NAME IN BODY COPY

When the name nepsa solutions is written in body copy, the name MUST REMAIN in lowercase type. Both nepsa solutions and nepsa solutions LLC are acceptable. DO NOT use the name in initial caps [Nepsa Solutions] or all caps [NEPSA SOLUTIONS].

KitstiK™ has been trademarked with the first and last letter K in caps and the remainder of the letters in lowercase. DO NOT remove the trademark symbol, use only initial caps [Kitstik] or all caps [KITSTIK].

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