With nearly 30 years experience working with municipalities and mobile network operators, nepsa solutions’ staff understands the often complex maze of regulations and restrictions required to locate, approve and install a cellular site, including macro towers and on-building installations.
Now, with the incredible demand for expanded network coverage and capacity, nepsa solutions is poised to help municipalities and mobile network operators navigate the zoning and permitting process.
The goals are the same: expanded connectivity and capacity for citizens with a process designed to take all parties needs into account:
nepsa solutions can work with your municipality to help draft master licensing agreements and license supplements (individual leases) including:
Licensing schemes
Protection of city resources
Definitions of scope of permitted uses
Provision of contract term

Establishment of ROW rental fee
Specification of each installation subject to sublicense or lease
nepsa solutions provides full-service engineering services.
nepsa solutions' team prepares drawings, plans, details, and specifications for bidding, permitting and construction of wireless communication sites. The range of solutions provided includes everything from zoning and photo simulations to soil reports, construction drawings, project bidding and site inspections.
nepsa solutions provides comprehensive engineering services:

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