Historic preservation is an important and growing concern of many municipalities, as cities seek to differentiate themselves and compete for citizens, business and revenue while maintaining the historic and authentic appearance that often defines who they are.
nepsa solutions can provide municipalities with concerns around historic preservation with a range of custom-solutions for:
Arts districts
Historic districts
Gaslight districts
Waterfront and residential enclaves
Sternberg Lightingnepsa solutions has partnered with several major street lighting manufacturers, including Sternberg Lighting, one of the nation’s premiere designers and manufacturers of decorative street lighting and architectural street furniture, a leader in the industry since 1923.
With the addition of Sternberg Lighting, nepsa solutions has extended its ability to provide a one-stop, custom solution for mobile network operators and municipalities requiring the design and fabrication skills necessary to install Small Cell infrastructure that meets the most stringent historical requirements.
Sternberg’s Decorative Street lighting and architectural products are well-received by public works officials in many state and local municipalities across the country. Applications include streetscapes, downtown revitalization projects, parks, train stations, not to mention shopping centers, golf courses, hotels, colleges, banks and more.

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