Research and Development begins with “yes”.

While the power of starting with “yes” may be a familiar concept in customer service - as in “yes I can help and I will ‘own’ your problem”, for nepsa solutions it is also a starting place for innovative thinking.
When a municipality says, “no, you can’t place your cell sites here, they're too disruptive or unsightly…” we say yes.
Yes, we can work to design and manufacture small cell sites that will accommodate even the most stringent guidelines for historical accuracy and aesthetics, working with Sternberg Lighting, our partners in fabricating outdoor architecture since 1923.
Yes, we can create solutions that accommodate unique locations, such as playgrounds, parks and other crowded public spaces where citizens crave connectivity while also NOT wanting to see the wireless infrastructure that provides it.
The KitstiK™ pole’s design and construction was a direct result of the need for a purpose-built solution that would accommodate the aesthetic, financial and operational needs of ALL our customers.
We are committed to saying yes. To taking ownership of and finding ways to address the complex challenges you face every day.

We can help you.

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