THE KitstiK™

Only one pole to stock - for heights between 25’-40’.

Telescopic pole is set to preferred height at installation
No more made-to-order poles or waiting for a specific-height pole to arrive

Height can be changed for network optimization, as network ages or desired RF height changes
Durable aluminum construction

Fast installation = reduced deployment costs.

KitstiK™ ships & stores in a 2 ’x 2 ’x 20’ crate
Can be deployed quickly - no need for large laydown areas

The unique telescopic / nested design fits a 40’ pole into a 20’ crate
Only requires a small team with a standard truck

Compact crate size minimizes shipping costs, warehouse and yard space

Patent-pending Capcell™ design allows easy deployment and access to internal equipment.

Unique Capcell™ accommodates up to 6 radios and equipment in a compact space
Convenient access to equipment for fast replacement or upgrades

Attractive, customizable solutions increase community acceptance and deployment.

Aesthetically pleasing, customizable design promotes wider acceptance by community members
Customizable lighting and color options, to match the look and feel of existing street furniture

Kitted solutions built to your specifications.

OEM equipment inventory and storage in our 70,000 sq.ft. warehouse
Equipment, antenna, and transmission lines can be factory pre-installed and tested prior to deployment

We can help you.

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